Friday, August 15, 2008

summer is almost over!!

I am feeling this urgency to do some things I WANT to do while there is still a bit of summer left. Top of my list, take the kids to the water a few more times!!! The fountain, the pool, anything where I can either sit and watch them or join in their fun and frolic. Next, be able to just sit and relax a little more. I guess that is what winter is for around here though. I would love to get outside and take a walk. I did just get some canning done, had a busy day (10 hours to be exact) of peeling, cutting & boiling up some yummy peaches and pears and even salsa,with Victoria. When you write it out it just doesn't look as fun as it was. I love how easy and enjoyable a job like that can be when shared with friends. I really loved it when the girls helped us.
Well, Back to school is almost here and summer is almost gone, ENJOY the rest of it, don't let it get away from you!!