Thursday, November 5, 2009

Summer Vacation

Well, this is the backwards version of our summer which only makes sense since its fall and I am finally posting this. Just wanted to try out my new look my sister made on my blog.anyway we stopped at in n out on our way out of california after missing almost every exit for the place we finally found one to stop at and enjoy.
so if this was in the proper order you would know why these people(dan with his girls and brothers nevan and dillon and dan sr.) have that crazed look in their eyes.... it was one of the main reasons we went to california (besides to see all you other wonderful friends and family)......
now you know,,,it was the sugar rushin through their veins. We went to celebrate the Dan sr.'s birthday.
We packed up our mp3 players and headed down to california to enjoy some

time relaxin by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. Thanks to all our host families for the kindness and food, lots of food!!!
Have you ever tried this? Mary made it for me one day. Now I know it sounds weird but instead of a lemon or a lime in your water you put a cucumber. I have found that 1 slice is plenty and boyyyyy is it refreshing. It was one of my favorite things this summer to beat the heat.(also good for the digestion)