Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Just an update to say I am making progress on my apron. I am making 2 (one for the littlest sis and one for me). I'm am using my apron as the guinea pig to see if I can make sense of it all. I have gathered the ruffle and started sewing the ties.... have to figure out how to attach them to the waist band. This is going to  be interesting without a directions, but I think I am getting a handle on how it is possible to put it together. NOW that doesn't mean that it's the way the directions would have had me do it! I will be tackling a little more tomorrow.Crossing my fingers I don't screw it up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

file this in: Want to.....but will i?

Want to make this old school apron pattern i have had laying around with the fabric leftover from the bag my mom made for Beka. The problem is I have the pattern pieces but no instructions... seems like a no brainer but i know whenever i think that its harder than it looks! haha ...i will have to find some time when the family isn't in need so my a.d.d. brain can focus on it !