Monday, January 14, 2008

NO BULL!!!!!

This is the site I saw when looking out my window the other day, the site that lead to an adventure. We went to check out why 3 animal control trucks were in the neighbors driveway as we thought that maybe they were getting a horse since there was a horse trailer attached to one. NOPE! There apparently was a bull that had been loose in the area for a couple of months and they had chased it up into our neighbors yard last night.(they have an electric fence surrounding the property) They brought up 4 guys and some fence rails from the fairgrounds to try and catch it. We were watching trying to see the bull and got up onto the porch which overlooks a field. They eventually got the bull (he wasn't really big at all)into

the pen they had made(after a half hour of standing in the rain and hail). It was funny to watch the bull try and get out, he kept pushing up the rails with his horns and then the rails touched the elec fence and the guys were getting shocked while holding it but they said it helped calm the bull down cuz it was shocking him too. Then the bull got out of the pen and at that point they made us leave our neighbors porch and property. As we walked up the driveway I looked back and saw that the bull was only within a yard or two of us! And me wearing a RED rain coat. I hurried the girls away quietly while praying for safety and we came inside to warm up and finish school.I went back out with the

camera to try and get a pic of the little guy but they already had him loaded up. What an adventure we had today!!

Cabin Fever or Creativity

Well, I don't know which it is but the girls have been building things lately. Either way I guess it is good for them. Difficult to walk around for us as it is all strewn across the living room and kitchen. Dan told them they had to put it in their room. I thought it was cute and took pics late one night when I couldn't sleep. I love that they still play. With all this staying inside from being sick and the snow I have restarted a blanket I have been trying to make for a few years. I keep trying one pattern after another and not being satisfied so I rip it out and start over. But I am determined to use this yarn cuz I paid like 100 bucks for it all back before I got married. Soooo.... I have started another pattern and think this is a keeper. And maybe if I post it on here I can update the progress and I will feel accountable to someone.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ramblings and a word

Okay, I have finally picked a word for the year. It will be enjoy. I sure do need to be reminded of that. To take the time and enjoy the process of so many things, homeschooling, parenting, life, tithing just to name a few. to remember why I started doing these things in the first place will help. This word has already helped me in the moments when the girls are fighting or giving me a hard time about school, it has given me an inner quiet place to go and not let those moments get me as angry and just remember as my hubby always says, they won't be here/doing that some day.
To let you all know my sickies returned after new years. i am not sure they ever left but maybe went under cover for a while. Anyway, I finally went to the doctor. She said I had a major sinus infection and gave me a couple prescriptions. So, I get to tthe pharmacy and the lady says, and you said "you didn't have insurance right?" Thats right I respond. She then proceeds to tell me the generic version of what the doctor prescribed is 172.00 and the nose spray(to clear the passages) is 69.00. UH>>> I am sure I looked all dumbfounded. As I am thinking there is noway(I think I actually said that outloud) and God,you said go to the doctor, I believe I heard that, now what? Am I gonna just stay sick, can you die of a sinus infection? She interupted my thoughts with a "lets see if the pharmacist can get another comparable drug for you. come back in 10 min." Upon my return she said yes there was another antibiotic I could take and the generic of it was on their 4 dollar plan. WOOHOO--- there there it is proof that there is a God!!! 4 bucks compared to 172.00 how is this possible, they do the same thing, one just takes alittle longer. WHat a bundle those drug companies are making!! So needless to say I did get the meds (not the nose spray,just got some sudafed)and am beginning to feel human again. I can breath through my nose,which my sleep deprived due to snoring husband is glad for and my lungs are just a little congested. But I am on the mend. Can't wait to get back to full health and start excercising. ttfn

Christmas presents

Here are a few of the christmas presents we got this year. As you remember Dan got a computer a while ago. The girls got these american girl dolls from their nana and are enjoying them. I think I had the best gifts this year. My girls made me these aprons with my mom as a surprise. She said they did pretty much all the sewing themselves!! And Dan got me my first pair of diamond earrings. They are beautiful. I am so blessed!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I forgot to post Glorys picture after she got her braces removed. She was supposed to have them on for about 9 months and ended up having them for just under 2 years. Needless to say we have been eating a lot of forbidden candy(aka-gummy bears, popcorn, starburst, gobstoppers, tootsie rolls and caramel). They said there should now be enough room for the new teeth to come in and I am praying they will come in straight.