Thursday, November 5, 2009

Summer Vacation

Well, this is the backwards version of our summer which only makes sense since its fall and I am finally posting this. Just wanted to try out my new look my sister made on my blog.anyway we stopped at in n out on our way out of california after missing almost every exit for the place we finally found one to stop at and enjoy.
so if this was in the proper order you would know why these people(dan with his girls and brothers nevan and dillon and dan sr.) have that crazed look in their eyes.... it was one of the main reasons we went to california (besides to see all you other wonderful friends and family)......
now you know,,,it was the sugar rushin through their veins. We went to celebrate the Dan sr.'s birthday.
We packed up our mp3 players and headed down to california to enjoy some

time relaxin by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. Thanks to all our host families for the kindness and food, lots of food!!!
Have you ever tried this? Mary made it for me one day. Now I know it sounds weird but instead of a lemon or a lime in your water you put a cucumber. I have found that 1 slice is plenty and boyyyyy is it refreshing. It was one of my favorite things this summer to beat the heat.(also good for the digestion)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tulip Festival

These pics are a little late but I lost the CD they were on. We went to the Tulip Festival this year with some homeschool friends! It was amazingly beautiful! My friend Ellen took her kids and us on this fun field trip.
Great picture captured by Beka! She loves to get interesting photos!

Here are a couple of me and the girls. Sorry they are sidways but I was taking them off the disc and can't turn them cuz they arent in my photo program yet. So get your neck stretch on for a couple minutes. You'll feel so relaxed after!!! heehee *8)

BEAUTY!!!!!! Doesn't God make good things!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

supercross in seattle

the girls showing their support of poulsbo,wa native ryan villopoto.... & HE WON!!yayyyyyy

waiting for our people on the steps

kelly and beka in seattle on the way to the supercross... we went with a great group of friends to the supercross to watch the motor cycle races. It was so fun and what a treat to see the guy we were cheering for win (his first big race i think).

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is us at the showing that the First Class Co-Op art class had. It was a lovely affair at the Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo. Each kid had thier artwork displayed so we walked around looking at all the fine art and snacking on the yummy snacks they had set out. It was a great evening. Thanks to Dad/Poppa for coming all the way out there to support the girls.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 2009*holding*

I am listening to the song that comes up on my blog and thinking about how it applies to my last post. That is what the Lord is trying to say. Hold on to what you have, to the moment at hand. My comfort zones are constantly being challenged so I will remember what is important. I will appreciate what I am experiencing in this moment and being thankful for who I am with. I think that this is what my word means to me this month. I need to hold on to what I have and hold on to memories I am in the process of making. I am going to be holding on tightly and enjoying(word from last year) these moments. I am grateful for this life I have and that I can take time out of my days to give and get a little extra time with those I love that I will not be able to see so much anymore. God has given me the life of my dreams.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Instead of crying,

I am analyzing and over thinking this situation. Here I am sitting at my sister-in-laws house while she is in sunny Texas looking for a place to live and getting her hubby settled into his new job and hotel. I am reading about my friends that moved to Japan( on their blog) and wondering if my other just recently moved friends have made it to their new destination yet. While also wishing I could call my cross country friends who moved a couple years ago(way too late with the time difference). Do you see a pattern here? How could I have grown up in a military family(family is different, you get to see them for holidays or when they come back to visit) that moved around constantly and still not be used to people leaving? I think I finally after all those years let myself get close to people and that must be why it seems harder to say goodbye now than it used to. Who am I kidding it never was easy. I am thankful for the people we have met and become close to but I am still learning why they always seem to be the ones leaving. Does God have other plans , other people I am going to feel as close to? It seems impossible now, but, when now is later maybe I will not be so skeptical. I am thinking about the stinkiness, the sadness, the regret I feel and asking God to show me why He keeps taking my comfort zones away. Those people who have left really were comfort zones I think, places I could feel liked for myself and grow freely in that comfort so why does that have to disappear?

OH and by the way, the BUG guy came and D says the ants are doing the death walk! He found about 20 of them slowly wandering by the front window. I guess the problem has to get worse before it gets better.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yeah for Bug Guys

We have been having a lot of ants in the house recently. The number keeps increasing daily. A pest control guy came out and took a look. Apparently we have carpenter ants and they are getting active because of the weather change from cold to warmer(warmer than cold, not actually warm in my book). The one in this picture is an adult and is bi-hig, that is wide ruled paper in the picture by the way. I found him on my kitchen counter,standing on his hind legs, staring at me one day. So on Friday, while the girls and I are in Oregon watching my neices and nephews so their parents can go house hunting in TEXAS:( the BUG GUY will be here exterminating those nasty ants!!! yeah! Hopefully, I will come home to an ant free living enviroment! woo-hoo.!.

2009 WORD

Sooo... My word for the year will be holding. Lots of things come to mind when I hear this word and I will be exploring those ideas here and in my journal. I think I like the -ing part most because it makes it more of an action word, something I need more of in my life.
Some things for example are :
holding on-what things do I need to hold on to and what do I NOT need to.
holding out- for the things I really want, not just those impulse items.
holding down the fort- ideas that inspire me to keep my house

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I really have no business being on here right now. Just needed my fix. Each time I look at my sissys blogs I want to post my own, they inspire me so much.
Well, here is the list I need to accomplish before I can come back and post what I want.
1.Take a bath cuz I already filled the tub and even though I have too much to get done and should skip it-I can't waste 45 gallons of water like that.
2. Clean up my house before people arrive
3. Balance checkbook
4.Wait for bug-guy to call or come by
5. Make hubby lunch
6. Pick apart a turkey
7.Decide on my "one little word" for the year (It's a close race between 2 or 3 of them)
8. Change my playlist-sorry about the christmas music
9.Create something(was hoping to scrap but may let my blog be the something)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas present

Here is a little video with the picture frame Glory made in class at off campus for Dan. It is magnetic and looks like the picture is floating. In this video it is sitting on the desk and you can see
a little bit that it can move.


nutcracker set, you may have to click on it and enlarge to see best.
gorgeous girls all dressed up and waiting for the ferry and our trip to seattle
walking to seattle center to hang out before the ballet(notice the sign waaayy above their heads)
fountain at seattle center, they played here before and after the ballet
the pile of stuff I found on the bench as I came up after they had run ahead down to the fountain

We were so excited to get to go to the Nutcracker this year! The girls and I had such a fun trip with my mom and Mariah. We walked a lot(we even have the blisters on our feet to prove it!)through Seattle, saw the gorgeous(loved the sets by maurice sendak,they were so colorful and whimsical) and even funny ballet, and had a great dinner at pf changs.

new years resolutions 2009

express gratefulness out loud more
be less contentious
document more (journal,family and personal)
read bible everday
create something every day