Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have talked to some people lately that have given up on voting. This is how I used to feel. What is the point, my one vote doesn't matter. There are many articles and campaigns that tell us why one vote is important. The fact that in WA state where I live our latest Governor won by only 129 votes is a good arguement for that point and for my new attitude. I realized how my view has changed over the years. I now think of it as not just my one vote but that I am joining with others who share my opinions, convictions and beliefs. By joining with those others my one voice or vote gains in loudness and effectiveness. So I no longer think that one vote can't change anything but that it can be added to the larger vote that can sway an election, that can change policies, and that can support beliefs. And that majority can change the leadership of the country, who in turn will change the balance of opinions of our courts, which in turn will change the direction and tone of our laws, that will eventually effect me and my children and thier children to come. It is a privelege that many other men and women have lost their lives to make possible for me. A right that did not exist a mere 100 years ago for my kind. When I think of it in this way I feel I have no choice but to cast my vote. And I am proud and honored to do so.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The past few weeks

This is the birthday cake I made the girls for their hawaiian luau party.

Steven visiting.
Mariah and Robert modeling for the camera. They enjoyed seeing each other after many years.
Rebekah during her jazzercise routine in the Whaling Days parade.
Glory holding the sign during the Jazzercise at the Whaling Days Parade.
So here I am after all this time of a broken camera and not being able to get signed in to my blog, doing a post for you all. I will probably be behind in photos for a while with having to put all pics on disc first before I can upload them. But your probably used to that behind thing from me huh? I didn't earn the nickname turtle when I was a kid for nothing!! But thank God he has room and purpose in this world for all his creatures!! Anyway, our summer was full of fun and getting to hang out with the kids. We had Mariah (Dan's daughter)come up for almost a month and even got to see Steven during that time. We all also enjoyed a visit from my longtime friend Erika!! We then started back in to a school routine with the girls. They are in a coop taking an art class and an election process class and are going to the off campus enrichment days. We also celebrated the girls birthday with a party for friends and our annual trip to the puyallup fair.AND THEN>>> Dan was put on laid off status at his job and will be sent back out in the field (no more estimating)when and if they have work. So he is unemployed and currently applying for jobs like crazy!! AND THEN>>> Beka broke her leg. She has a thigh high cast on for about 4-6 weeks and then will have a short one for a couple weeks. The surgery went well. NO pins needed!PTL! And even tigger(she brought him in to the surgery with her) got a cast. But life outside my house,I have to say, has kind of stopped for me(us) for a while. I have been taking care of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g for her. It is kind of like having a toddler to care for again. WHEW forgot how tiring that is. Beka has many people that care about her. They have come to visit and helped us with meals!! We are thankful for the many blessings and the major things God has been teaching us through this time. He can use difficulty to teach you if you will only ask him what He wants you to learn.(more on those lessons at another time) A friend of mine took me to an apple orchard with her and we picked sooo many apples and even grapes. It was fun and beautiful. I am blessed with a LOT of fruit to put up for the winter months after doing the peaches and pears with Victoria earlier this summer. I have already made grape juice(boy those women back in the pioneer days must be respected,never a chance to be bored thats for sure but how neat to have something homemade and have free healthy food for my family and to know that it can be done,with out the grocery) I will be busy for the next few days with the rest of the fruit. UH rest what is that? just saying the word makes me start hallucinating. But I have to say I have slept very soundly lately. Well must go get on with my day. LOVE to you all!!