Thursday, November 29, 2007

Something about me

I have made a discovery, I am the kind of girl that needs markers in my life. I realized this when my dh showed me the mark on our shower faucet that sets it back to off. This may seem silly but I have been frustrated with this new faucet. After finally figuring out the hot/cold locations it broke. Woo hoo I thought, time to get a new one, one I can easily understand. But no my increasingly handy hubby fixed it. He then showed me the arrow (wether it was there before or in the wrong spot I don't know) to know exactly when it is off and the subtle tips for regulating the temp. This morning I went to get out of the shower and looked for that arrow, that is when I realized I appreciate a good marking system. One that is not just a word or a verbal instruction but one to which I can refer every time. One that does not change. Not unlike the word of God. I can depend on the Bible to direct me, clarify, and the best part of all, it is always there. God's word is a marker for me.

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Kimi said...

what a gr8 post. i need to get back to the bible. thanks 4 this jen.