Sunday, March 30, 2008

OH MAN I am a dork!

I have not posted in so long because I couldn't remember my password. Then my sis says duh.... just request a new one. Okay so I thought about it but never got around to it. So as I sit here trying to ignore my extreme tooth ache and avoid ripping cupboard doors off and splintering them across the floor I decided to finally change my password and post something, anything!!!After I got the email and went to reset the password I remembered it like a flash of lightening!! Could the procrastinating have helped my memory???? That will give me something to think about for a while. Oh and I should post my 10 random facts about me that my sister tagged me with way back in Jan. so here goes.

10 RaNdoM FActS:

1. I analyze things too much and often have personal surveys going on in my head.

2. I love Dr Pepper and Chai Tea for the same reasons, they taste warm and cozy to me.

3. I eat my food in order of which one will taste worst when cold.

4. I put a glove on to pet my dog or use a blanket and only pet without one when I am heading into the shower. I love her but she stinks, and the hair uhhh!

5. I am REALLLYYY good at making a fire.

6. I love chocolate, not milk chocolate though or white. Is that discriminating?

7. I love sliding across the wood floor in slippery socks it makes me feel like a kid, maybe if I do it more often I will be happier!.

8. I like to eat a whole bowl of popcorn for a meal.

9. I love peonies and have tried planting them the last few places I live but they never seem to make it up or bloom before I move away.

10. I have always loved having a clean floor (I prefer it over a clean countertop which has caused issues in the past) but now I am obsessed with sweeping at least once a day.Must be the wood floor and doghair combo. I can't stop myself I have even been known to do it 3 times a day or more!

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Daisymama & Family said...

Well, definitely think of you when I see popcorn...wanna come over and I will make ya some? You might want to sweep my wood floors (they are awful) BUT you do not need to put on gloves to pet my dog