Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have talked to some people lately that have given up on voting. This is how I used to feel. What is the point, my one vote doesn't matter. There are many articles and campaigns that tell us why one vote is important. The fact that in WA state where I live our latest Governor won by only 129 votes is a good arguement for that point and for my new attitude. I realized how my view has changed over the years. I now think of it as not just my one vote but that I am joining with others who share my opinions, convictions and beliefs. By joining with those others my one voice or vote gains in loudness and effectiveness. So I no longer think that one vote can't change anything but that it can be added to the larger vote that can sway an election, that can change policies, and that can support beliefs. And that majority can change the leadership of the country, who in turn will change the balance of opinions of our courts, which in turn will change the direction and tone of our laws, that will eventually effect me and my children and thier children to come. It is a privelege that many other men and women have lost their lives to make possible for me. A right that did not exist a mere 100 years ago for my kind. When I think of it in this way I feel I have no choice but to cast my vote. And I am proud and honored to do so.

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Beth said...

Wow, Jenni. This is so well written. I totally agree with you. If everyone thought "My one vote doesn't count." then no one would vote, and then what would happen? We need to be just as passionate about our "politics" as our opposites are.