Saturday, June 14, 2008

Change is in the Air

Another season of life is coming. It has been a struggle for me on the bad days and a lot to keep me busy on the good days. It will be a good thing but I am noticing it is harder and harder to deal with change when I used to love it, to thrive on the excitement and newness of it all. I guess as we get older or maybe as we get satisfied with life we don't want things to be different. But I think God allows this change to keep us dependent on him. And boy have I been in need of him lately. Our good friends will be moving far far away. To a land across the sea. This after our other close friends moved across the country and then some of our family moved out of state. These are all people I would see or talk to once a day, sometimes more. This is going to be a great adjustment for me, my current habits will be changing. We are also moving. After being here for about 7 or 8 months we will be moving. We will have a new front porch to view the world from.
God is shaking things up. But not only things, ME!! I am not handling all this too well. I have been having a lot of talks with God about this inability to cope. I know there are times and seasons for things in our lives and I see them taking new forms in our lives. God has always provided and been there for me. This is what He reminded me of the other day. I need to have no doubt that He will be there for me as I am sad, frustrated and feeling sorry for myself. He is on my side. For me and NOT against me. So I will wait, wait to see what He has in store. Wait to hear what He wants me to do and learn from this time of upheaval and this season of change. Lead on Lord, I will follow. I will lean not on my own understanding.

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ZimmerZoo said...

Hey, Girlfriend! I found your blog again and am so excited. It breaks my heart to hear about all your everybodies moving away and now you moving. But, I know God is rising up leadership in you and Dan and helped us get out of the way! Or maybe you need to send a job app. into Japan and be the secretary for Steve's work.

Thank you so much for leaving comments on our blog... they are exciting to read. They make us feel loved and missed. We miss you dearly. The kids break down every now and again- want to go home sometimes, but pretty good sports about sucking it up and enjoying.

Lastly, your view from your front porch is not really accurate! I challenge you to find something different and beautiful to show me your new view.

Love you sister,