Thursday, November 6, 2008

!!!Let's Celebrate!!!

Yippee Yahoo.... I found my cord to my camera that I have been missing for months! To celebrate I posted a pic of the view from our new front porch. We are living on our church property for a while. They have so kindly agreed to help us out by letting us stay here as we get out of debt!! What a blessing for them to be able to help out families in this way. We are so excited!! We are taking a class at the church called Financial Peace University. It is from Dave Ramsey and we are learning sooo much. It is the perfect timing for us while we are trying to do this. He is very motivating. Constantly opening our eyes to new ways to see things and giving us such good info on planning and investing. I would recommend this budget boot camp to anyone. It will challenge and stretch you but it is oh so worth it! I look forward to not being controlled by my credit companies anymore!!woohoo!

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