Monday, December 31, 2007


Okay, First I came on to post about stuff and my word for the year. Then as I was making my way to my blog I started reading Ali Edwards blog and she had posted her word. Then I thought how fun it would be to read the comments and the 88 other peoples words for 2008 and to add mine to the bottom of the list. Ummm.... but by the time I got there I FORGOT it. Ohman, I am a dork. Maybe I better write it down when my brain finally unfreezes. Okay I even called my sister to see if I had already told her it and no luck. So anyway I will post more later. Got to go and get ready for our New Years Eve celebration with our friends. And make dinner. and pack the car with the chocolate fountain while I am thinking about it.


Beth said...

Did you remember your word yet?

And when are you going to post a picture of Glory with her braces off?

Kimi said...

so funny...did u remember it yet??

Daisymama said...

Yeah we are so glad you got your braces off and hope you have gotten all your belly full of gummy bears.
Noah says it was cool when your dad ran over the snow dude. We sure envious of all the snow you played in but we sure enjoy our sun!

Just picking on...has been actually quite rainy ya
the hinklest family