Monday, December 10, 2007

Kids Christmas Play

Here are a couple of videos of Rebekah's speaking parts in our children's christmas play at church. Sorry about the fuzziness. The lighting there is bad for my camera or maybe I have yet to figure out how to use it. Glory and Beka both got solos in the play and for the second year Rebekah was asked to have a speaking part. She has taken on the acting pretty well. She is very expressive and her voice carries nicely. I am sorry to say I didn't get both her solos on video. Glory decided at the last minute to combine her solo and her friends into a duet. They did a good job. Wait for it.... the singing comes at the end of this next video.

And here is the bit of video I got of the girls singing. Sadly, I missed most of it. Even though I remembered to charge the battery the night before I forgot to take the other pics off the camera and ran out of room to record their parts. How lame am I? Will I ever figure out this digital camera stuff, if it's not one thing it's another. If I can find someone who has the rest on video I will post it. Well, enjoy!! Love to all. Wish we were together.....


ScrapFairy said...

ahh they did so good, sorry i missed it wish I would have know sooner.
They are getting so big.

Kimi said...

Ah..the good ol' christmas plays. I'm glad they're getting into the artsy side of life. Miss you guys! Tell them I said GREAT JOB!!