Saturday, December 22, 2007

!! Merry Christmas !!

Merry Sickmas!!!

I finally agreed to put up the fake tree the day after Glory was really sick and she gave me the puppy dog eyes and pleaded that: at least its a tree, even though it wasn't the real one that we had all looked forward to cutting down ourselves this year. The girls had fun decorating it, or should I say Beka putting it up by herself and decorating as Glory gave orders from her post on the sick couch.

Boy, I am beginning to wonder if christmas will really be sickmas this year. After the girls each having the flu(complete with puking) a week apart and the 3 or 4 days of recovery and me having a major cold/ sinus infection that just kicked my butt. I am starting to feel at least less like the evil grouch that has been invading my head and more like the girl who likes christmas. I even started my holiday baking. YES, I know it is only a couple days before christmas but hey, at least it will be fresh,huh?!

I am posting our tree picture here. Notice the tortilla rollup in the shot, my girls are nuts!!

I will prove it, I will post below the pics I got while trying to get a nice, lovely pose of my two beautiful girls. Hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas. (NOT a Merry Sickmas) We love you all and wish we could be with each of you.!.
Okay, the pics are at the top. Sorry, I thought I could put them in where I wanted them but they just showed up at the top there. Any way enjoy!!!


Danielle said...

i was gonna say that looked like a nice burrito.

i also have a problem getting my pics to go where they want. i wonder if that is normal or if it is just

ScrapFairy said...

Great pics, looks like the girls had fun.

Kimi said...

u click on the pics after you've up loaded them and move them where u want them. Jen, have Heather show you how. Land sakes.
I'm saving some of the pics of the girls.

Kimi said...

Ur girls definitely get their crazies from Dan.