Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 2009*holding*

I am listening to the song that comes up on my blog and thinking about how it applies to my last post. That is what the Lord is trying to say. Hold on to what you have, to the moment at hand. My comfort zones are constantly being challenged so I will remember what is important. I will appreciate what I am experiencing in this moment and being thankful for who I am with. I think that this is what my word means to me this month. I need to hold on to what I have and hold on to memories I am in the process of making. I am going to be holding on tightly and enjoying(word from last year) these moments. I am grateful for this life I have and that I can take time out of my days to give and get a little extra time with those I love that I will not be able to see so much anymore. God has given me the life of my dreams.


Anonymous said...

Dear B-family;

Just wanted to suprise you with a blog comment (1st one for me). We so much appreciate all the comments you leave on our blog. It really helps us keep sane. We miss you guys. I don't even want to go into the H-family moving thing, since we pulled the same kind of thing. But we will be back and jump right back into the mix. Heck we still want to be in the mix right now. Please keep us in you your prayers; you are in ours.

God Bless, SZ

Kimi said...

uh, r u ever going to post again?

Kimi said...