Monday, November 17, 2008

A couple weeks of past things

Grape juice made and waiting to be made.
new view from front porch

canned applesauce and pie filling( the girls were a big help peeling and chopping apples. I think I would have given up if not for their help. next time I will not pick soooo many!

Glory(a tourist), Mariah and Rebekah(kitty cats) at the harvest party.

Beka and Chloe(mariahs sister) aren't they cute? Rebekah decided at the last minute to make those cat ears out of cardstock and a headband. They turned out pretty cute!
These are a few pics from the last couple weeks. Canning, and the harvest party. Just wanted to update you all. Congrats to my sister Dani and her family who on Oct. 31st had a baby girl, Abigail Marie. She is just as sweet as all that candy the girls got from playing the games at our church's harvest party.
And last but not least, after much praying and waiting and obedience to the Lord. ...........
He is working for a company that does estimating and construction management for the government. It is such a good match for him! He loves it and is excited that God provided the means for him to learn the things he wanted for the next phase of his career goals. The benefits it provides for our family are more than we could ask for and I am sooooo glad that he will get to take a real paid vacation!! He deserves it!!


Kimi said...

Glory looks so much like you in that picture. Beks is very inventive. Eric's mo makes grape juice, it is so yummy. And that pie filling made me want some apple pie, thanks a bunch for that. Sounds like Dan found the perfect fit for him, God is so good.

ZimmerZoo said...

Congrats on the new job, Dan!!! You deserve it. Bekah-congrats on getting the cast off!!! We are glad you are all healthy again. MamaBell- UGG! I miss you! I am so proud of all you canning and homemade grape juicin'. You're awesome. You are such a good little mama.

Love you, donnette