Friday, November 21, 2008


R and G putting together their lapbooks in their co-op class.
I just love this pic, my beautiful girl, and the colorful pens just love it.

busily working on her lapbook cover while experimenting with watercolor pencils.

The colors on the edge of this paint cup just scream creativity to me, they excite me, inspire me. pretty pretty...
Just thought I would post some pics I took this week. I have been drawing and playing with my crafty stuff so much more since being without a car during the day. I love having these extra minutes to do this.


Heather said...

Love all the pics very cute. Love the one of Glory and the cup one.

Kimi said...

that cup picture is GREAT! you know i love all things artsy as well. i really need to et me stuff up again so i can actually do it when the mood strikes.
the girls are getting so big.
is glory the more 'crafty' of the two? or is it pretty even?

ZimmerZoo said...

Ohh, we love seeing your pics and hearing your fun. Thanks for posting. Cool lapbooks.