Monday, November 17, 2008

A Week In The Life

I just made a fresh pot of coffee, even though I have already had two cups(my limit). It's one of those days.
I thought it may help me wash the wonderful sink full of dirty dishes. (what qualifies it as wonderful you may ask? the fact that they are there because my hubby made dinner last night so I didn't have to)
Friday I volunteered at the CK scrapbook convention, that was so fun.
Saturday, Dan went to city church for a training session and the girls and I went to the womens luncheon at church. I did sound for them. whew that was new and challenging without dan there. It was beautiful and they had some yummy soup and cute crafts to make.
Yesterday we had our Financial Peace class (that is going really well,some awesome tips on investing and insurance that came at just the right time as we have to fill out that paperwork for Dans new job)at 830 am then church, which Dan shared a testimony about the way God used the time that he was unemployed. It was awesome! We then went to a 40th birthday for a friend. WOW! Everyone there shared with the birthday girl how they have been blessed by her or how God has used her in their lives. It was beautiful. We came home and I did the bills/budget while Dan cooked and we started a movie with the girls. I was so wiped out I went to bed at 830.
For the rest of the week I will be doing school with the girls. Today I have already checked email, washed and dried laundry, made hubbys lunch, woken the girls up twice, and eaten breakfast.Tonight we have our small group which I need to make some soup for.
On Tuesday ,Rebekah will get her cast off and both the girls have well-child checkups.
Wed. they will be at off campus and I will be scrapping with my sis and friends then they have missionettes in the evening.
Thurs. we will be at the co-op the girls attend for an art class and lapbooking election process class. Beka and Dan will have youth group that evening.
Friday I will be getting ready for B and I to go to the Revolve tour. A teen girls conference we are going to with her jr hi girls small group for 2 days.
Meanwhile I am trying to get some organizing done, a little at a time. Things seem to have exploded around here. I feeling claustrophobic at all the clutter everywhere
How does it all get so out of control so quickly? Take my advice, if you have a major event(like a broken body part in the family) dont let it get you out of your routines that are working. Getting back into them is sooo hard. I guess the 21 days to make a new habit works for bad as well as good!! I think I will learn from my organized sisters and go make a todo list.


Beth said...

Awh. So good to see you back on here. To Do lists really do help. Mine is sitting on my counter right now. Of course, I'm ignoring it, and haven't done anything on it except wash diapers, but still.....

Heather said...

Hey girl busy week. Love the costume pics.
See you wednesday.

Kimi said...

It was so nice to read what you've been up to. I'm so glad that Dan has found work. I've been praying for you guys. I need to find the FPU class around here, I have the supplies for it, just need to find a class.