Friday, November 28, 2008


What am I thankful for? I will just post four things, hence my catchy title(those can be addicting, although I refuse to sit for too long thinking them up) so here goes.
1. Gods steadfastness, I was going to say his never changey ness but I am sure that is not a word although at 2am I may argue the point. anyway I think you get the idea. I am just really grateful for the fact that while things in my life may be a whirlwind or dry with no wind or things I can not fully understand are going on around me He is never changing and always constant.
2. great sisters (my real ones and my sisters in christ)
3. having friends around and my best friends , my hubby and girls
4. the internets ability to search and find things you thought would never turn up again like the recipe I threw away a few years ago and have been craving every year since on holidays just like this one. (don't underestimate the power of a tradition or of making something only once or twice a year, funny how we come to expect and depend on those special little moments, they can mean a lot)
Okay that is my meaningful list and now for my other list
4 more.....
1. mountain dew
2. coffee
3. chai tea
4. throw blankets


Danielle said...

what was the recipe?

Kimi said...

i want to know what recipe too? i too am thankful for mountain dew...i am thinking of quitting it though...pray for me.