Thursday, November 27, 2008

ON the Road to the REVOLVE tour

On the road! Going to see revolve tour with a bunch of girls in a van,fun times man,fun times!
Rebekah enjoying one of the concerts or speakers (i think that is Chad E. telling all about what guys think about girls-ooo unlocking the male brain for the teenage girl) at the teen girls conference we went to the past weekend. A whole day of amazing music and teaching and skits. It was really fun for the girls and REALLY LOUD for the adults! So cool to sit in that stadium with sooo many girls and women worshipping our amazing creator who loves us each so much!!

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Kimi said...

i almost past out at the amount of posts i just found on here. look like you had a fun time, can't wait to take my girls to things like that. not too far off with Rye (is that a bad thing or a good thing?)