Monday, December 22, 2008

Bored randomness

Here are some random pics of what the Bell family does when stuck at the house for days on end. Build forts, try and find the longest icicles possible, B let me give her bangs the 80's treatment, and D made his ultimate MAN sandwich and had a little man-time alone with the food and the tube. A picture of D's daughter that I embellished with my white pens,think I'll scrapbook this one.
baking croutons and another go round of amish friendship bread, this time with cookies and cream pudding
G made this sign in the snow, it says..our last name and 2008


Heather said...

ahh looks like fun though. At least you are keepin gbusy.

Kimi said...

you did a gr8 job embellishing the picture. it's really cute. love beks hair.

Beth said...

The picture looks so cute. I love the white pen!
Good to see you're not just numbing your brain in front of the TV.
Oh, and the bangs look radical, dude!!