Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two Nativities

I had to get off the phone with a friend when I thought I heard WWII breaking out. The girls were fighting over who could play with the one nativity set we have out on the coffee table. One thought the other was moving the shepherds too quickly or too far at one time.(we have a tradition that the shepherds start out far away from the set and make it there on christmas day)so we busted out the paper and pen and made a list of possible solutions to the problem. After crossing out the irrational and unacceptable ones we came up with this one: We would get out the white ceramic set I got for my wedding and it would go on the coffee table(cuz mom didn't want it on the wood floor) and the colored resin one would get moved to the floor under the christmas tree. They would each lay claim to one and peace would reign in the house again!!! I guess there are worse things they could fight about.


Heather said...

man I don't even have one set and you have 2. Great problem solving.

Kimi said...

i like the idea of moving the shepards closer each day until christmas. i never would have thought of that. you may have just passed the tradition on to us.;)