Saturday, December 13, 2008

in my head

The other day someone made a comment about something my hubby did the other day. Nothing big, different or out of the ordinary for him. He probably didn't give it a second thought. Just had the idea and did it. But they saw it as an encouragement to someone else. It gave them an idea, a new approach to get through to someone they were having an uneasy time with. That got me thinking. ... that God uses us just as who we are. It gave me a new twist on the scriptures that talk about works. We don't have to think up ideas of things to do but just by being us and doing the everyday stuff that we would find normal or no big deal he can use us to help the person we do those things for and others who see us being us. So by just being the doing comes. Just by living in who we are at the moment the works happen. What a freedom and purpose there is in that. Isn't it good to know that our purpose may not be whole world changing but it is life changing.

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Kimi said...

thanks for sharing that Jen.