Thursday, December 11, 2008


Don't be fooled (notice the pizza dough in the bowl is a bit small for having risen for an hour)
pizza dough and amish friendship bread batter, was so excited to do some baking and make homemade pizza for dinner and yet though the pic up there looks good it did not turn out well. I

was soooo frustrated. The bread turned out mushy due to a misprint in the recipe I didn't catch and the pizza didn't rise (think the water I put the yeast in was too hot). I hope this isn't a forewarning of how my christmas cookie baking will go. Maybe it was the warmup. I decided to quit my job as cook and my hubby took me out to fritz fryhouse for our night we have to get out of the house(they use our house for a class for church). The sweet potato fries and good conversation calmed me down enough to reconsider my postion as cook. Thank goodness we get to wake up each day and get a do-over. Today things don't seem quite so bad. But it will be cold breakfast and lunch!
BUT... on another sort of baking note, I found out that my baby sister has as she put it another bun in the oven....!!!!!...yeahhh Congrats to her and her family!

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