Friday, December 19, 2008

Fridays Meme

This is a journal prompt from a great homeschooling website called Heart of the matter.
Where do I find my Christmas joy?
It is many things all tied together. Like the garland on a tree. Each piece adding to the whole length. Things from my past memories, our family, just my parents and sisters together sharing gifts and laughs and the food my dad made.I didn't realize how special that was until recently. Now the times are filled with many different gatherings of people. All including different aspects of our family(the hubby's and mine) Times with Dan's family, my family ,the church family, friends that are like family. All these are so prevalent that they are mixing in my mind to form the joy I find in this Christmas season right now. The treats, the candlelight, the dinners, the music, the dancing in the kitchen, those impromptu moments that bring laughs and smiles from all. The traditions, the expectations and the time spent meeting them. The constant battle to keep Christ at the center of our Christmas at home. These are all things that I cherish and know I will look back on in the years to come as the way I found things that bring joy to this season of my life at Christmas.

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