Friday, December 5, 2008

Candle Dippers

Here is what I caught my girls doing yesterday. They were at first dipping thier fingers in the big candle and I let that go cuz I remember that fun thing when I was young. You know the hot wax, the hardening, the soft skin after. Then they start dipping pens in it. Oh boy I think, hmm should I stop them? They are noticing the building up of the wax. I,trying to get a homeschool moment out of it relate it to the candle dipping we read about in a book recently.whew- that was a good one,I think. Meanwhile as I have my back turned and am cooking Dan comes out and says HEY what are you doing? I turn around to find the pens have broken/melted open and there is now ink in and on the candle. He, walking in at just this moment has missed the educational part of it and my finesse at turning it into a teaching moment!He only gets to see the mess and problem! -funny how that happens. We made them blow it out and told em we had to throw it away. I have had to stop them from messing with the new candle a few times since.( I did fill him in later on my side of the story) I think he thought I was nuts. Just another crazy homeschool moment I will cherish! 8)

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Kimi said...

way to find the educational side jeff.